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Balance Hard And Soft Stuff To Achieve Successful And Sustainable Transformation

Transformation programs have a miserable success rate, even though practitioners and researchers have significantly improved our understanding of how they work. Studies consistently report that about three-quarters of change efforts flop – either they fail to deliver the anticipated benefits or are abandoned entirely. Our decades of transformation work reveal that a heavy focus on performance without including organization’s health is one of the main reason for these disappointing results.
Our value driven approach to transformation puts an equal focus on operational excellence and organizational excellence to achieve successful and sustainable change. While operational excellence builds the organization’s capability to execute and deliver superior results for its stakeholders in financial and operational terms, organizational excellence develops the organization’s effectiveness to align, execute and continuously improve to excel in this very competitive environment. The foundation of our overall transformation program is grounded in Transformability’s proven change management process.

Transformability Change Management Process

The journey to excellence comprises of two key elements “Big Dream” and its “Relentless Pursuit.” The journey is rooted in the principles of effectiveness and efficiency. It is critical to not only understand both individually but also understand how they complement each other.

We start the change journey with a “Slow is Fast” approach in order to break the status quo, develop the vision, and align stakeholders to put the transformation journey in the right direction. The principle behind this phase is leadership or doing the right things. The result of this phase is an aspiration blueprint and total stakeholders alignment.

The next phase of change journey utilizes a “Less is More” approach to bring focus in the transformation roadmap from pilot to scaling in order to accelerate the transformation journey with optimized resources. The principle behind this phase is management or doing things right. The result of this phase is successful and sustainable change.

Our Approach

Our change approach is based on the principles of effectiveness and efficiency to deliver successful and sustainable transformation. Do the right thing first, and then do things right. Challenge the status quo today.
Break status quo barriers. Establish sense of urgency. Understand guiding purpose, winning capabilities and exciting opportunities. Develop an aspiration blueprint.
Bring the right people on board with leadership and management skills. Create agreement, trust & commitment. Create a vision rooted in passion & opportunities, Communicate
Extraordinary Focus
Analyze the current state, define prionities, and establish a transfomation roadmap. Align talent & resources for change. Establsh a govemance system, Engage people.
Generate short term wins, build new capabilities and visibly recognize and reward people. Focus on doing.
Unwavering Perseverance
Develop crudiblity, build talent, leadership & culture and doliver organizabional change. Lean, repeat and scale

Value is Disrupted - Refocus, Reimagine and Reengineer

Traditional business and operating models are challenged and are ripe for change. Value is challenged and application of digitization, automation, innovation and continuous improvement methods have provided much needed performance improvements, business model innovation, and human capital development. Organizations that are able to leverage these tools have accelearetd in this disruptive environment and have achieved maximum benefits.

The current market shifts require a renewed focus on value creation and value delivery. We work with business leaders to understand and define the new value that is aligned with the new reality. Based on this work, we redefine the right work and redesign the right workplace with the right workforce, skills, and mindset.

Last, but Not the Least

Viktor E. Frankl said, “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

We have the power to choose our response, our destiny, and our future. Winners are born from crises, and the future is bright. We believe that this crisis presents tremendous opportunities to reimagine, reinvent and reform the current state of affairs. Lets challenge the status quo today.

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