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Blog admin November 14, 2022

Five Steps

Leaders who execute flawlessly set clear goals and focus on few priorities that everyone can easily understand and follow. This principle is especially true in

Journey to Excellence

Excellence acts as a lighthouse that provides you direction.  Achieving excellence is not easy neither free; it is not magic, coincidence or luck; it is

Achieving Excellence require

In an age of disruption where good is not good enough, free is the point of entry, and instant is an expectation, the bar to

Big dream-Effectiveness,Leadership,direction

Average has become a commodity, and meeting specifications is no longer a recipe for success. Winning requires “Excellence.”  I have always been fascinated by “excellence”

Disruption is an inspiration for chance

We are all challenged in these changing times. But there’s nothing to be worried about because disruption is an inspiration for change- so surrender yourself

Guiding purpose

Today let’s discuss the first step of my transformation process – Discover: Establish the need for change and develop an aspiration blueprint of the transformation. 

Keep pushing your limits

I often heard the advice to be realistic, adopt a cruise control approach, and if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. An award-winning researcher and

Dream Decision Belief

Belief is the mastermind behind our actions. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” In other words, our only

Winning Capabilities to deliver value

A value proposition is a company’s strategic advantage that attracts customers to purchase its products over its competitors. Delivering value requires “Winning Capabilities.” Let’s understand:

Generosity is contagious

This picture was taken a few days ago at a family dinner in downtown Dearborn. A gentleman pulled in an open Jeep Wrangler with these


During the last few weeks, I have been posting about the first step of our transformation program. Step 1: Discover develops an aspiration blueprint and

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