Effectiveness and Efficiency are the Main Pillars of Change
Blog admin November 14, 2022

Slow is fast

Slow is fast, and fast is slow. Excellence happens drip, drip, drip. Change takes time. Choose effectiveness on the journey to excellence and take the

Less is More

Less is more, and more is less. Excellence requires extraordinary focus. Simple, however, a profound principle of change. The key to extraordinary success is to

Relationships Matter

Here I celebrate two of my great friends Lee Tibbitts and Aziz Ur Rahman Sharief, who are the masters of people and relationships. They thrive

Cheers to the game changers

I am very fortunate to have mentors who transformed my thinking and life over the years. Thanks to Franco Deregibus, Simon Boag, my mother, and

Resouce Excellence

egin with an end in mind, especially resources. We all understand and agree that there is no such thing as a free lunch, yet time

The 3h Metaphor of excellence

Transformation, change, or excellence either personal or organizational is extremely difficult. We are often led to believe that this journey starts from the mind. We

Lead with love. Manage with reason.

We all have been trained to think with our minds and decide based on the facts. Our education system, family, friends, and the society support

Learn with intention

When I looked at my 20 years of work experience in 2017, I realized that it was a few years of experience repeated multiple times.

Prepare ! an opportunity is in the works

Opportunities are always present, but many times we are not ready to utilze them. Preparing for an opportunity that we cannot see requires tremendous faith.

The power of Decisions

I was born and raised in Pakistan to a working-class family, where I saw my family working hard to make ends meet. An environment where

Focus on the outcome. Not the obstacle

So many dreams are killed even before a single action is taken. Because many of us immediately think about the difficulties that will come in

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